Mo’s Nose™ believes the combined strength of our efforts will make the biggest difference in the world. Making these simple tips a regular part of your family and your child’s life are an important step in promoting the well-being and happiness of human (and animal) kind, the definition of Philanthropy.

Make service a part of life for the entire family • show up for a friend or neighbor when they need a smile as well as in an emergency • children can be in charge of the family’s recycling • make it routine to let all those in your family know how grateful you are for them

Try to create concrete hands-on service experiences • adopt a family in need during the holidays • have your children pick out the gifts, wrap them, and help deliver them • participate in beach clean up or an effort to clean or rehab a local park • visit a retirement home with your children and let them bring a drawing, sing a song or bake for some of the elderly residents

Make your children a part of the decisions of Where, Why and What you give to! • go online exploring giving opportunities with your child • help them choose a charity and do a bake sale, car wash, or fundraising drive at their school