The Mo’s Nose™ Scentsational book series follows a rescued dog named Mo on a journey as he discovers the beauty and wonderment of colors through his nose. Beautifully illustrated by Amanda Giacomini and poetically penned by Margaret Hyde, Mo’s Nose™ invites readers to explore their senses through stories that celebrate life while inspiring feelings of compassion for all living things and the planet that they call home.

This book features a unique Press-2-Smell™ feature that allows readers of all ages to smell and experience all the Christmas aromas Mo discovers in this Scentsational Journey from the fresh-cut pine of the Christmas tree to sugary goodness of Gingerbread to rich delight of a chocolate Santa to ultimately the JOY of Christmas.

In Mo Smells the Holidays, readers follow Mo his Scentsational journey of giving courtesy of the unique and interactive Hint-of-Scent experience. All the classic smells of the holidays, from pumpkin pie to pine trees, are printed on scented stickers that readers can place onto the pages themselves.

Happy sniffing!