Mo’s Nose is proud to partner with organizations that share their commitment to sustainable and charitable living.

Mo’s Nose™ 2008 Donation Recipient

Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friends works with you and humane groups all across the country to bring about a time when homeless, unwanted animals are no longer being destroyed in shelters, and when every healthy dog or cat can be guaranteed a good life in a caring home, by providing information, assistance, and training to people in grassroots groups.

Mo Smells Green Press-2-Smell™ Scent Provider

Aura Cacia® Pure Aromatherapy

For over 25 years, Aura Cacia has provided consumers with aromatherapy products made with 100% pure essential oils derived solely from nature. A leader in quality and a key source of expert information, Aura Cacia has helped fuel widespread awareness of aromatherapy. With an industry-leading testing program which now includes gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS), Aura Cacia provides consumers with the highest quality essential oils available and whenever possible, oils that are certified organic as well. Aura Cacia cares about aromatherapy and the people who use it.